Our Company Profile

The Cimel group first entered the oil and gas market as a distributor of equipment and a provider of geology consulting services.

The increase of activity in the Oil & Gas sector in Angola has brought around many opportunities for international companies to invest in the country, but also vast opportunities for Angolan companies to enter this market. It was from this increased market demand that Cimel Oilfield Supply was born in 2012.

The company gained attention as a preferred supplier of oilfield equipment by both the National and the International oil companies operating in Angola. Over the years, Cimel Oilfield Supply has grown and expanded its product and service portfolio through the diligent selection of technology to suit the market needs.

In 2015, Cimel Oilfield Supply renamed itself to Cimel Oilfield Services to align the strategic direction of the organization with the vision of its employees and leaders, in becoming a preferred Oilfield Services provider in Angola.


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Our Vision & Values


To become a leading Oilfield Services provider in Angola through the application of leading technologies delivered with the highest level of service quality


  • People: We value each and every member of our team, at Cimel we believe that people are paramount to our success. The development of our talent pool is a priority.
  • Technology: We value technologically advanced products and services that prove to be beneficial in performance, cost and safety.
  • Service: We value our customers, which is why we strive to deliver the right product and the right service on time, every time.


tags: Cabinda yard; Oilfield equipment rental Angola; Boavista base